In January of 2022, we were living in a tiny cabin in the hills of Tn and cooking all our food on a traditional wood burning stove (think Ma Englells). We had split a cow with some friends to fill our freezer, and the frozen meat came with some beef suet. A quick google search showed me how to take the suet and cook it over low heat to render it down to make tallow. I kid you not, I did this whole process in a 500 square foot cabin while watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman with my family. LOL. When I got done rendering the tallow, I felt like a real pioneer woman from the 1800’s. I had created tallow! The next question was, how do I use this stuff?

That night, I read an article about how tallow can be used on the skin. What?! The skin?! I learned that tallow was great for eczema, dry skin, and a whole host of other issues. Ummm, hello… you better believe I was slathering this stuff all over me and my entire family. Within days, my flakey, inflamed eyes were almost completely clear of eczema and I was SHOCKED. I couldn’t believe something so simple and so ancient could work so well. 

I went back to the internet and started reading all about tallow (kind of like when you watch a movie based on a true story and then when it’s over you immediately google the real story). 

Here’s what I learned in my internet search..

Grass-fed/Grass-fed tallow is SUPER HIGH in Vitamins A, E, K, & D. It’s basically a multi-vitamin for your face. 

Tallow shares a very similar profile to the sebum in our skin. This is the one of the main reason it absorbs so easily and feels so moisturizing. It’s a match made in heaven! 

Tallow is full of essential fatty acids that are the building blocks of healthy skin. Stearic acid softens and smooths the skin. Conjugated linoleic acid helps your skin retain moisture and fortifies the skin barrier. 

No wonder it works so well! 

My next question was, where can I buy some? 


There was literally no one local to me selling or making it, so I started making it myself and that’s how Tal-o was born. Even though I don’t live in that little cabin anymore, I’m so grateful for the amazing adventure of learning to be a modern day pioneer. I learned how to infuse herbs and plants to make a product that helps YOU heal your skin.